Zunish – a text-based template focusing on user experience and ease of use


  • news and weather widget without using external applications (you have to grant LL the Internet permission)
  • news folder with vertical and horizontal navigation
  • simple app drawer in a folder (no external app needed any more)
  • mixed black/white typographic interface
  • smooth transitions and pleasing animations for an optimal user experience – never get lost again
  • easily customizable to add more app short-cuts or widgets to home screen, pin screen or folders


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Theme - Zunish - 1    Theme - Zunish - 2


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Blur the background when opening a folder

This tutorial is in German. It explains how to create a blur background when opening a folder, with a fade animation.

Thanks to Sascha Roehrbein for writing and sharing this nice tutorial.

Download as a single file (scripts, instructions as a PDF): LLX-blu-BG-Tutorial.rar

As part of the tutorial, you need to create two scripts:

blur an

var editor = LL.getVariables().edit();
editor.setInteger("myalpha", 255);

blur aus

var editor = LL.getVariables().edit();
editor.setInteger("myalpha", 0);

Step by step instructions

Tutorial - Blur - 1

Tutorial - Blur - 2

Tutorial - Blur - 3

Tutorial - Blur - 4

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Bindings: variables and animation

This video demonstrates the use of variables to animate items properties. It can be used to smoothly show or hide an object, or make it move, scale, rotate, etc.
Variables can either be builtin ones (date & time, cpu, battery, storage, etc.) or user defined ones. Variables can either be set using shortcuts and scripts, or externally, for instance from Tasker or other third party apps.

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